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Recharge Automotive is simply a company put together by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. We specialize in a variety of car related services such as photography, cinematography, and event planning.

What is Cars and Wings?

Welcome to North East Ohio’s largest car show. Hosted on the first Sunday of every month, Cars and Wings is a truly great experience for any automotive enthusiast. With a wide variety of cars, there is surely something you’ll appreciate seeing in person.

Recharge Rally 2020

Recharge Rally 2020 is a 4-day adventure that will take its ralliers across hundreds of incredible driving roads and some of the best venues the East Coast has to offer. The event will start with a launch party in Columbus on Thursday, followed by 3 full days of driving experiences. An early afternoon lunch celebration on Sunday will finish out the event with awards and one final goodbye to the Recharge Family.

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