The Recharge Rally team is proud to have hosted sports car rallies over the past years and are extremely excited to announce our Recharge Rally 2020. Our goal with the Recharge Rally is to not only create experiences remembered for a lifetime, but to also ‘Recharge’ the automotive presence on the East Coast. This year we’re offering our ralliers unforgettable driving experiences mixed with tailored stays at some of the east coasts most popular cities, restaurants and clubs. While the activities and stops will be remembered, the Recharge family and your friendships gained will keep you coming back.

This year we are making it our biggest event yet.

Recharge Rally 2020 is a 4-day adventure that will take its ralliers across hundreds of incredible driving roads and some of the best venues the East Coast has to offer. The event will start with a launch party in Columbus on Thursday, followed by 3 full days of driving experiences. An early afternoon lunch celebration on Sunday will finish out the event with awards and one final goodbye to the Recharge Family.

About the Recharge Rally

Three years ago, a group of automotive enthusiasts teamed up to create a rally that focused on giving people the most value for the price. The Recharge Rally was started after watching multiple rallies in the area fail and realizing that enthusiasts on the East Coast needed an enjoyable experience that they could trust. Since its creation, our focus is on growing the Recharge Rally to provide unforgettable experiences with friends and continually pushing the limits on fun as we go.

Involving the Community

One of our goals with the Recharge Rally is to involve like-minded automotive businesses to bring better awareness and exposure to their quality products and services. The Recharge Rally creates different opportunities and activities for partners to benefit from social media, print publications, product placement, branding and live audience presence. Sponsoring the Recharge Rally allows your business to reach a diverse demographic that follows the Recharge Rally and bring mass exposure in new markets. We are always looking to expand our family of sponsors as we grow and are looking forward to the partnerships we form in the process.


Registration to the Recharge Rally 2020 will provide a full 4-day experience for you and your co-driver, including: 

– 4 Day, 3 Night Rally
– 1000+ miles of back-country driving over 3 days
– 15+ checkpoints to keep you on route
– 3 nights of luxury stays (Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte)
– Private dinners every night
– Secured parking every night
– Adventurous mountain driving
– Private 1/4 Mile Drag Racing
– Porsche Experience Center 911 Demo Laps
– Sunday Awards and Lunch (location TBA)
– Avery Dennison livery kit with professional installation
– Rally swag bag and merchandise
– Rally information booklet


We are looking to accept as many people as possible with a wide variety of vehicles. Down below we listed what we look for in drivers to attend this rally! Don’t worry, you do not need to meet all standards.

  • Experienced drivers

  • Previous rally experience 

  • Fun spirited drivers and passengers

  • Awesome vehicles (of any type)

  • Reliable vehicles

  • At least 21 years of age

  • Possible social media presence


Due to the mass amount of interest in the 2019 Recharge Rally we encourage people to apply to join for 2020. It’s as simple as filling out the short registration below. Once submitted you will hear back within 7 days. 50 cars will be selected to join this year!


While we will be updating the website with major news related to the rally, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram for more updates , a behind the scenes look at the rally and to see who’s joining the fun!